Congratulations to our casts of The Addams Family Young @Part.

Please email our Stage Manager Madison Parrish at to accept or decline your role. Our first company meeting and read through will be on Tuesday, May 29 at 6:00pm. Location TBA

Alice: Brittany Sparks
Gomez: Nick Brotherton
Lurch: Stratton Murphy
Wednesday: Mary Overman
Fester: Joshua Thompson
Grandma: Jennifer Overman
Mal: Torren Melton
Morticia: Maleah McPherson
Lucas: Jackson Kanoy
Pugsley: Claire Keel


Kaitlyn Bliss
Holli Elkins
Lincoln Crosby
Gracie Crocker
Chloe Vaughn
Tyler Bodison
Jordan Taylor
Kennedy Talton
Iman Starks
Karenna Porter
Nyla Anderson
Stella Ferrer
Autumn Jackson
Jessie Washington
Miski Zuniga-Carrera
Ellie Kontogiargos
Kyaesia Monroe
Babgy Sparks
Anderson Cook