Community Theatre of Greensboro
520 S. Elm Street
Greensboro, NC 27406


Fax 336-333-2607


Mitchell Sommers, Executive Director
336-333-7469 x 203

Rozalynn Fulton, Director of Education
336-333-7469 x 201

Terri Cameron, Director of Operations
336-333-7469 x 211

Gretchen O’Shay, Sales & Marketing Manager
336-333-7469 x 206

Victoria Ball, Community Relations Administrator
336-333-7469 x 202

Meredith Carson, Development Services Coordinator
336-333-7469 x 212

Blair Harrell, Box Office Manager
336-333-7469 x 204

Events Inquiries
336-333-7469 x 205

Lucy Callahan & Wendy Wood, Capital Campaign Managers

336-333-7469 x207

Meet Community Theatre of Greensboro Staff
Mitchel Sommers

Executive Director

Mitchel Sommers is Executive Director of Community Theatre.

Roz Fulton, CTG
Rozalynn Fulton

Director of Education

Roz Fulton is Director of Education for CTG.

Terri Cameron CTG
Terri Cameron

Director of Operations

Terri Cameron is Director of Operations for CTG.

Victoria Ball

Community Relations Administrator

Victoria Ball is Community Relations Administrator for CTG.

Meredith Carson

Development Services Coordinator

Meredith Carson is Development Services Coordinator for CTG.

Blair Harrell

Events Coordinator

Blair Harrell is the Box Office Manager at CTG.