Congratulations to our cast of Dorothy In Wonderland! 

Thank you to everyone who auditioned for this production, we are looking forward to a great show!
Please email our Stage Manager, Edna Thompson at to accept or decline your role. Our first company meeting and read through will be on Thursday, May 31 at 6:00pm. Location TBA

Dorothy: Anushka Sarcha
Alice: Alana Haselsberger
Toto: Darrell Lennon Jr.
White Rabbit: Katherine Pernell
King of Hearts: Ally Hoffman
Queen of Hearts: Jamia Holman
Knave of Hearts: Ryan Hitchins
Scarecrow: Richmond Parris
Tin Man: Candace Gallimore
Lion: Franz Walton
Wizard: Joshua Wescott-Hickman
Glinda: Susana Bent
Mad Hatter: Rowan Powers
March Hare: Sofia Kizhnerman
Caterpiller: Elinam Kudiabor
Humpty Dumpty: Khristian Akers

Twiddle Dee: Olivia Trauth
Twiddle Dum: Jada Smith
Cheshire Cat One: Mikayla Castro
Cheshire Cat Two: Zoe Meadows
Cheshire Cat Three: Malaya Beasley
Rook: Brianna Barker
Pawn: Caliana Henderson
Knight: Genevieve Abreu
Dormouse: Zoeli Kassegre
Fish Footman: Aniyah Newkirk
Frog Footman: Abigail Callaway
Rose: Eliza Sparks
Tulip: Jessica Smith
Tiger Lily: Kate Michel
Five: Ashley Miller
Seven: Makela Newkirk