Thank you to everyone who audition for this show. Everyone was supremely talented but after narrowing down all the possible choices the production team decided that the strongest possible choice would be to mix gender casting. All roles will be played as gender written.

Please look everywhere for your name. Some names are listed in multiple places. Anyone who is not already a named newsie will more than likely be pulled to be a neighborhood newsie when the groups join forces for the strike. Neighborhood newsies have not been assigned yet (Brooklyn, Manhatten, etc). Please email Roz Fulton at to accept or decline your role.

Thank you and we all look forward to working with each of you! We hope you are as excited as we are!


Jack Kelly – Dru Loman

Crutchie – Jack Greenberg

Davey – Grant Cunningham

Les – Mira Eby

NAMED NEWSIES Names TBD Depending on voice

Race, Albert, Specs, Henry, Finch, Romeo, Elmer, Mush, Buttons, Splasher. Tommy Boy, Jo Jo, Mike, Ike

Kaylee Vernon, Jackson Perry, Cassidy Fields, Avilon Tate, Nadia Attmore, Trinity Evans, Maison O’Neal, Allie Henzler, Ezra Arndt, Amber Hardin, Troy Gray, Whitney Sweat, Keyira Harden, Lauryn Butler, Annie Conrad

Scabs (3) – Travon Chambers, Stratton Murphy, Alex McClary

Spot Conlon – Nick Brotherton

Katherine Plumber – Kira Arrington

Darcy – Peter Jones

Bill – Jackson Kanoy

Morris Delancy – Alex McClary

Oscar Delancy – Jax Barham

Goons – Jackson Kanoy, Travon Chambers, Stratton Murphy, Alex McClary

Joseph Pulitzer – Ethan McKinney

Medda Larkin – Jennifer DeCoste

Female Ensemble 1 – Nun, Hannah, Bowery Beauty – Elsa Wansink (Sara DiCaro)

Female Ensemble 2 – Nun, Bowery Beauty – MaKailah Bennett (Carrie Morgan)

Female Ensemble 3 – Nun, Newspaper Customer (Woman), Bowery Beauty – Sara DiCaro (MaKailah Bennett)

Female Ensemble 4 – Nun, Bowery Beauty, Strike Newsie – Regan Heberle

Male Ensemble 1 – Wiesel, Stage Manager, Mr. Jacobi, Mayor – Stratton Murphy

Male Ensemble 2 – Seitz – Travon Chambers

Male Ensemble 3 – Bunsen – Curtis Lewis Jr

Male Ensemble 4 – Nunzio, Guard, Policeman, Roosevelt – Colton Widener

Male Ensemble 5 – Snyder – Travon Chambers