We can’t thank you all enough for the hours you spent auditioning for West Side Story. Knowing how crazy our lives are, it is heartwarming to know that there are so many wonderfully talented people wanting to participate in our Community Theatre. For those not cast, please, please, do come back again. We have many opportunities this spring and throughout the year.

For those cast…Congratulations! As you could see at the callbacks, this show has the potential to be something very, very, special. Please see below for instructions as to where we go from here.


Tony – Trevor Johnson

Riff – Joe Collins

Baby – John Jacob Breeden

Diesel – Will Way

Arab – Maxwell Wheeler


Chino – Josue Mendez

Jets Girls

Jets Girls

Graciella Katie Weant

Velma Jessica Place

Minnie – Isabel Hewgley

Clarice – Kira Arrington

Pauline – Kelly Kerr

Veronica – Jacqui Haggerty

Rhonda – Kelsey Mcguire

Anybodys – Ally Hunter

Shark Girls

Maria Amy Brubaker

Anita Amber Engel

Francisca Liana Lewis

Rosalita Jaylan Noble

Consuela Rachel Robinson

Estella – Jordan Taylor

Teresita – Grace Rodriguez

Marquerita – Madison Thorpe

Juanita – Aireyana Graham

Others – Schrank Greer Ducker



Somewhere Soloist – Greer Ducker

Krupke – Steve Morton

Doc – David Kolbe

Gladhand – Desmond Sheridan