Many thanks to everyone who expressed interest and/or auditioned  for Season 4 of CTG’s ‘OnStage & Inclusive’ summer theatre program!  We are once again, proud and excited to bring our inclusive theatre message to the community!

Please acknowledge acceptance of your spot by sending an email ASAP to the ‘OnStage & Inclusive’ Program Director, Wendy Wood at:

Partial OnStage & Inclusive Cast List

Gabriel Allen

Kira Arrington

Michael Beyrer

Sydni Birnbach

Luke Bissell

Trey Cameron

Emma Carson

Allyson Clayton

Scott Conklin

Danielle Drew

Claire Duckworth

Rachel Gains

Anne Harris

Cameron Kidd

Julian Laurent

Ali Lindsay

John McKee

Maria Perrot

David Petersen

Jeff Piegari

Sarah Ramsey

Maria Reginaldi

Grace Rodriguez

Carla Roth

Mike Scoglio

Nick Sherbine

Noa Slane

Thomas Thel

Madison Thorpe

Joey Upper

Kayla Usry

John Van Hine

Will Way

James Woodward