To Everyone Who Auditioned: I am so grateful to all of you for giving your time and sharing your wonderful spirits at these auditions.  I had some very difficult decisions to make, and I hope that, for those of you who did not get cast this time, you will not be discouraged and will audition again.  You all put yourselves out there.  You took a risk.  And that is an act of courage.  I admire each and every one of you for that.

—Michael Kamtman

 Cindy Bower

Ben Brafford

Wes Cameron

Sandra Forman

Phillip Gilfus

Wyatt Greer

Kelly Hayden

Mickey Hyland

Tim Johnson

Caroline Knisley

Denise Larkin

Akiena Louis

Juliette Matthews

Ariel Morse

Curtis Myrick

Tony Prestwood

Isabel Rhoten

Marquis Santiago

Alec Shull

Abigail Snyder

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