I wanted to take a moment to personally thank each of you for attending callbacks, making yourself vulnerable, trying new things, or just reading.  I loved watching and seeing how you work.  We could have cast this show in a hundred different ways, but after very careful discussion, I think we have the BEST configuration possible and I sincerely hope each of you will join us on this “electrifying” adventure.

PLEASE respond here if you accept or decline your role.

Our anticipated first read through/company meeting/measurements will be Wednesday, January 25th at 7:00 PM in the room you auditioned in.

Once you accept your role, please solidify all conflicts if possible.

Thank you to those who auditioned! If you didn’t get cast this time around, keep coming out to audition, we want to keep you involved at CTG!

Miss Lynch – Traci Miller

Blanche Hodel – Gina Ingrahm

Patty Simcox – Maddie McKie
Eugene Florczyk – Alex McClary

Jan – Madison Thorpe

Marty – Carlee Crawford

Betty Rizzo – Toni DePaoli

Doody – Brian Farris

Roger – Nikolas Ebron

Kenickie – Dakota Chester

Kenickie – Dakota Chester

Sonny Latierri – Devante Goolsby

Frenchy – Kammy Forester

Sandy Dumbrowski – Maddie Conti

Danny Zuko – Wyatt Roby

Vince Fontaine – Rodney Speight

Johnny Casino –

Cha-Cha Digregorio – Kristi Post

Teen Angel – Michael Jones


Caroline Patterson, Emerson Mckie, Kaja Nelson, Triniti Miller, Kaylee Vernon, Allie Henzler