CTG Presents Peter PanOn behalf of the Peter Pan artistic team, I want to thank all who auditioned. Thanks for the time, talent and energy you brought to the process. There were difficult decisions to be made. To those not cast this time, we would like to encourage you to join CTG for a future audition. As a side note, for this show many casting decisions had to be made with conflicts in mind. We understand that it is difficult with a show that opens the week immediately following Spring break but we only have 5 weeks of rehearsal before techs so availability had to be a factor.


Congratulations to the Peter Pan cast. Please email Stage Manager Jennifer Blevins at ctgsmjennifer@gmail.com to confirm that you have seen the cast list and are accepting your role. Please reply by Friday at midnight.


The first company meeting will be held on Sunday 3/12/17 at 2 pm in the studio at CTG on 520 S. Elm St. All cast members under the age of 18 must be accompanied to this meeting by a parent or guardian. I will be emailing a pdf file of the script and vocal book. Please make a copy of these to bring on Sunday.

Please email me with any questions.

-Jennifer Blevins, Peter Pan Stage Manager

Brody Bett Lost Boy (Curly)
Dana Bett Indian & Grown Up Wendy
Wesley Cameron Pirate (Mullins)
Meredith Carson Mrs Darling
Bill Davis Pirate (Cecco)
Cooper Dunning Michael
Lauryn Eckman Indian
Julia Gradwohl Indian
Wyatt Greer Pirate (Noodler)
Regan Heberle Wendy
Hal Kenerly Lost Boy (Slightly)
Devin McCormick Indian

Erica McLeod Liza & Indian
Charlotte McPherson Nana & Crocodile
Steve Morton Pirate (Starkey)
Davari Moyd Lost Boy (Tootles)
Jalyn Noelle Lost Boy (Nibs)
Jazzy Parker Pirate (Jukes)
Justice Reeves-Burke Indian
Mike Scoglio Pirate (Tongs)
Lexie Simerly Peter Pan
Ben Smith John
Mitchel Sommers Mr. Darling & Capt Hook
Rachel Sommers Pirate (Smee)
Aisha Sougou Tiger Lily