Thank you all so much for a great audition. There are still many roles to be cast in the ensemble (Zoo Guests, Police Officers, Animal Control Officers, Ship’s Captain, Foosas, Foosa Leader, additional Lemurs, Subway Announcer, New Yorkers, and even more.) With the exception of the Zoosters and the Penguins the rest of you will be filling these spots by playing multiple roles. It should be challenging but a lot of fun. I will cast these roles on Thursday at your first rehearsal with me. But I will see you all tomorrow (Wednesday 6-8) at the read through and parent meeting at the studio at CTG (520 S. Elm St.). I am looking forward to working with all of you.

To accept or decline your role, please email the stage manager at


Zookeeper Zelda                 Claire Keel

Zookeeper Zeke                  Keegan Pinnix

Zookeeper Zoe                   Parker Sparks

Lioness #1                        Anna Griffin

Lioness                              Berkley Smith

Mason                              Alex LeMerle-Mousset


Alex                                 Torren Melton

Marty                               Rachel Callahan

Gloria                               Maria Summers

Melman                            Jace Lawrence


Skipper                             Lily Elkes

Kowalski                           Peyton Kelly

Private                              Jordan Williams

Rico                                 Jordyn Robertson


Mort                                 Zoe Meadows

Lynn                                Alaina Scott

Lew                                 Jada Smith

Lee                                  Haley Ramsey

Lars                                  John Hitchcock

Maurice                             Jaxon Garner

King Julien                         Ezra Arndt

New Yorkers:

Candy Hammernose            Alayna Odeh

Passerby                          Brooks Hitchcock

Old Lady                           Parker Sparks

Lead Servers:

Server #1                         Alex LeMerle-Mousset

Server #2                         Berkley Smith

Server #3                         Anna Griffin

Steaks                              Catherine Weller, Sierra Burbey,

Lilli Garner, Katherine Kirkman