Thank you so much to everyone who auditioned! Casting was a very difficult process and we are so grateful that you came out and shared your talents with us. For those who were cast congratulations! Please email Elin, our stage manager at to accept or decline your role. The first rehearsal and parent meeting will be held Wednesday, August 30th at 6pm in the studio space behind the Starr Theatre (520 S Elm St, Greensboro, NC 27406). All parents/guardians MUST be in attendance at 6pm! You will be released after the meeting while your actors do a read-through. They will need to be picked up at 8pm. For those students not cast we encourage you to keep auditioning! Auditions for The Wizard of Oz begin September 13. We look forward to a great show!!


Thank you,


Elin Waring

Stage Manager


Emily Blake –  Kat Anderson

Victor Tates – Mason Sharpe

Carrie Gale – Kamryn Lee

Joel Kreeble – Liam McBurney

Rolf Rizzo – Jordan Williams II

Heather Fairchild – Joy Clifford

Lupe Lopez – Neveah Payne

Ivy Sweet – Ellen Michaels

Ethel Lockhead – Kylie Anderson

Hazel Smithywithy – Jalynne Owens

Julene Fairchild – Natalie Barry

Jolene Fairchild – Emily Cammer

Skip Webster – Elijah Vaughn

Violet Sneed – Lilli Garner

Jasper Sneed – Matt Scheib

Polly Popper – Rachel Callahan

Wax Figures

Cleopatra – Abigail Twombly

Henrey VIII – Jacob Sheppenson

Anne Boleyn – Berkley Smith

Anne Bonny – Eliza Sparks

Mary Read – Charlotte Saunders

Madame Ching – Isabela Payne

Blackbeard – Noah Levine

Pirates – Harper Kaley, Zoe Meadows, Anuluck Nhouyvanisvong

Butch Cassidy – Trey Croker

Sundance Kid – Luke Andress

Pancho Villa – Markeis Rochelle

Calamity Jane – McLane Kaley

Cowboys – Rowan Powers, Maddi Knick, Katherine Kirkman

Lizzie Borden – Della Sharpe

John Adams – Deondre Workman