From the Director: We want to thank everyone who came out to audition for A Chorus Line!  It was a very difficult decision for us to choose from so many talented people.  Congratulations to those who were cast. We’re excited to begin work on what I’m sure will be a fantastic show – Philip Powell


We will have a company meeting and read-thru for all cast members and a parent of those cast members who are under 18 on Sunday, August 6th at 2:00 at the Cultural Center on the 4th floor in the studio where you auditioned. Please email Stage Manager Jennifer Blevins at as soon as possible to confirm that you have seen the cast list and are accepting your role.

Zach – Latimer Alexander

Zach’s Assistant – Stacey Cohn

The Auditionees:

Alan DeLuca – Carlo St James

Bebe Benzenheimer – Samantha Thompson

Bobby Mills – Alec Shull

Cassie Ferguson – Darby Anthony

Connie Wong – Jessie M. Grady

Diana Morales – Ariel LeMerle-Mousset

Don Kerr – TBA

Gregory Gardner – TBA

Judy Turner – Kaylee Vernon

Kristine Urich – Katie Bates

Maggie Winslow – Lindsay Vernon

Mark Anthony – Devante Goolsby

Mike Costa – Joshua Hill

Paul San Marco – Kevin Ortiz

Richie Walters – James Joyner

Sheila Bryant – Lydia Leggett

Val Clark – Carlee Crawford

Cut Auditionees/Ensemble:

(Specific roles for these cast members will be announced later):

Dakota Chester

Tavia Gilmore

Ashlee Hein

Alex McClary