Posted: October 18, 2016

By Danielle Storm on The Odyssey Online

Cast of Sister Act Rehearsal

Meet the Nuns!

Nuns and Guns what more can you ask for? Sister Act: The Musical is coming to Community Theater Greensboro on October,28th, 2016! Join the wonderful cast of this community theater production as we journey through a tale of a woman named Deloris’s struggles. With numbers like “Raise Your Voice” and “Take Me to Heaven” you are sure to be tapping your feet to this wonderful music!

Stage manager Sarah Jean “Sparkie” Sparks comments:

“CTG is using the same set for the entire season. It presents interesting challenges. I feel very fortunate to be working with a production team who has been so energetic about melding all of the elements of the show seamlessly together.”- Sarah Jean “Sparkie” Sparks.

I am myself apart of this cast and I feel very fortunate to have been able to work with these amazing young woman. Alan Menken is such a brilliant composer , and I just love singing his music! I love being apart of the cast because we have this sister like bound between us. We do absolutely everything together and see each other every night of the week. The rehearsal space is just great because we get to be in the theater while the guys might be in the studio learning music so its kind of like theater boot camp every week! Elizabeth Roberts (Mary Lazarus) comments about what its like to work with the other nuns:

“Working with the girls in Sister Act is more than just working on a play. The relationships that weve built are richer and fuller then I ever imagined.” – Elizabeth Roberts

We have different age groups from young teenager to middle aged in this cast and its such a great thing to see such diversity in age among us all. Our youngest members are teenagers in high school and they are the characters of Mary Robert (Jael Arriaga), and Eddie (Torren Melton). Jael comments on what its like to be among such talented older people:

“Working with older people is really nerve wracking because everyone’s so professional but its still very fun!” – Jael Arriaga

Not only do we have some high school students in this production, but we also have 3 college students from my own alma matter UNCG! Students include Danielle Storm (Mary Theresa), Gillian Gurganus (Sister Mary Patrick), and Alex Amaya (Pablo). Spartan Gillian Gurganus comments:

“Working with amazing directors, designers, cast mates, and crew has just been delightful. Working with Alan Menken and Glenn Slater’s score has been a blessing- no (nun) pun intended!”- Gillian Gurganus

Having such diversity in age in the cast I think really sets us apart from other productions you will see this fall season! We really love playing our characters and have loved every ounce of doing the research for them. The role of Deloris will be played by Jasmine Evans. Jasmine Evans gave the following comment about her role:

“My favorite part about being Deloris is that she’s the opposite of me, rough around the edges and she says everything she thinks. But we both love making music and that girl can blow!! I’m going to enjoy singing my heart out.” – Jasmine Evans

So my dear readers, if there is one production you see this year LET THIS BE IT! For more information on the show please visit CTG’s website below.

Cast List


*Performance dates: October 28- November 13, 7:30pm Wednesdays-Saturdays and 2:00pm Sundays

*Performance location: The Starr Theater, 520 S Elm St, downtown Greensboro, 27406