Message from Artistic Director Rozalynn Fulton:

CTG has decided to replace Women Behind Bars with Women In White. This show follows a group of nurses who live in the Nurses’ Residence in a small city hospital. One of the girls is found murdered, and Julia Robertson, a policewoman assigned to her first homicide, is called in. Due to the nature and content of Women Behind Bars, CTG believes Women in White is more in line with our audience and the community that we represent. We are excited to present this comedy with a murder mystery twist.

Thank you to everyone who came out to audition for Women Behind Bars. Thank you for your patience as we adjust to a change in shows in a short time frame. We’re excited to begin working with this talented cast for Women in White.

Congratulations to all who are cast in the ensemble for Women in White.

Cassandra Berry

Melissa Berry

Myla Grier

Kelly Hayden

Chelsi Majette

Ariel Morse

Amy Mueller

Kymaria Muhammad

Cameron Parker

Jenni Pirkey

Lexie Simerly