Join CTG for a night of serious fun and sleuthing!

O.Henry Hotel
624 Green Valley Road
Greensboro, NC 27408

Friday, January 25, 2019
$125 Per Person includes dinner, cocktails, and an evening of sleuthing to compete and find out — whodunit!


You are invited to the Whodunit Mystery Dinner Party at the O.Henry Hotel

Unfortunately, this evening, the normal composure of this very distinctive hotel has been disturbed by the discovery of a dead guest in the hotel bar. The hotel staff and regulars are suspects and its up to you to solve the crime!

All sleuths will be provided cocktails, dinner, a “clues” kit and the opportunity to explore all areas of the O.Henry Hotel to determine exactly whodunit. This roving event keeps sleuths on the move throughout the hotel and provides culinary delights by Green Valley Grill Executive Chef Leigh Hesling and his team.


The suspects include:

Buck Stopshere (Hotel Manager)
Shona Seat (Conference Room Manager)
Paula Nother (Barmaid)
Louise Weight (Fitness Instructor)
Jimmy Locks (Used Car Salesman)
Ben Diggin (Property Developer)
Hugh Ball ( Poker/Cards Shark)
The investigation will be concluded by Inspector Dick Lacey.


Service to Die For is a fundraising event to benefit the Community Theatre of Greensboro.

O.Henry Hotel and WFDD 88.5 FM serve as sponsors of this event.