By Bethany Chafin

WFDD, August 25, 2017

Community Theatre of Greensboro

The Community Theater of Greensboro located at 520 South Elm Street. Photo courtesy of Community Theater of Greensboro, Credit: Mike Micciche Photography.

The Community Theater of Greensboro is welcoming a new executive director. Austin Petty isn’t well-known to the arts community, but his family has a long legacy in NASCAR racing.

The choice may be surprising, given Petty’s background. He’s the son of American race car driver Kyle Petty and grandson of Nascar Hall of Famer Richard Petty.

Current Executive Director Mitchel Sommers says it was Petty’s work with the non-profit Victory Junction that influenced the decision. The organization was founded in honor of Austin’s brother Adam Petty, and serves children with disabilities and illnesses.

Sommers says he believes Petty will help to financially stabilize the community theater.

“We want to expand our programs. We’re doing so much with so little that the only way it’s going to grow is with a better foundation and support,” he says. “So, I’m hoping he can just help us move the machine forward and grow.”

Sommers will stay on as Artistic Director. Petty will take over as executive director on September 5th.